1884: Yesterday's Future

Screenplay by Tim Ollive & Dennis De Groot.

Executive Producers: Terry Gilliam, Malika Brahmi and Steve Begg.

A story of outstanding heroism in the face of deception, subterfuge and treachery. Conjuring up the belief that it was made forty years before film was even invented 1884: Yesterday's Future tells of a future that might have been but never was. Directed by Tim Ollive, the film is a mix of animation, puppetry and two dimensional and three dimensional computer generated imagery (CGI) set against backgrounds created using stunning artwork, model sets and period photographs from the Hulton Picture Library division of Getty Images.


Combine these idiosyncratic production techniques with a script of stunning ingenuity and the result is an hilarious comedy film the like of which you will have never seen before.


1884: Yesterday's Future is a co-production of Steam Driven Films and 2d3D Animations in Angouleme, France. The two companies have successfully completed test filming in preparation for the film's production. Phill Jupitus supplied the eyes, mouth and voice of the theatre owner - but not the rest!

So, put your tongue firmly in your cheek, stiffen your upper lip and prepare to be shaken and stirred by 1884: Yesterday's Future.

To view the Anglo-French test footage, click here: 

1884: Yesterday's Future was presented at ParisFX by (below, left to right) John Needham, Terry Gilliam and Florent Mounier (of 2d3D Animations).


Executive Producers: Terry Gilliam, Malika Brahmi and Steve Begg.

Producer: John Needham.

100 min feature film for a family audience.

Developed by Peculiar Pictures, 2d3D Animations and Steam Driven Films.


All images from actual test footage.