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1884: Yesterday's Future

1884:Yesterday's Future is the brainchild of filmmaker and visual effects artist, Tim Ollive. Aimed at audiences of all ages, it combines classic puppetry and state-of-the-art Computer Generated Imagery to tell its hilarious story of subterfuge and treachery in Victorian Britain and beyond. An hilarious and sometimes shocking story of what the Victorians thought their future might have in store for them. Luckily, they were entirely wrong.

Peculiar Web TO 1884 Insert copy.jpg

  Director Tim Oliive and three frame captures from the original black & white test animation: a signal rocket is fired from the moon, submarine pens at Portsmouth and our hero, Captain Horatio Kitchengame 

In the course of the film's development, Tim has been helped by many long-time friends and colleagues. At the forefront of this band of collaborators is Terry Gilliam (well known Monty Python member and director of such films as Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Time Bandits and The Fisher King) who has long championed Tim's genius and is on board as the film's creative executive producer. 

QAAA Paris FX.jpg

John Needham, Terry Gilliam and Florent Mounier presenting 1884: Yesterday's Future at Parisfx

Fellow graduate of the National Film School and award-winning scenic designer, Dennis De Groot has co-written the script with Tim. His brother Richard Ollive, acclaimed animation director from TV advertising has created the film's wonderful character designs. In addition to being an executive producer of the film, award-winning Hollywood visual effects supervisor, Steve Begg will head up the visual effects and miniatures department. The film will be produced by international award-winning producer, John Needham. Tim has completed his animatic production guide for the whole film as it now moves forward into production.


1884: Yesterday's Future is being co-produced by specially formed company Steam Driven Films Limited in London and Florent Mounier in Angouleme, France.

Copyright: Steam Driven Films Limited

Frame capture from the Animatic.

Theatre Owner Puppet.jpg

Puppet body with CGI head which has the eyes, mouth and voice of actor, writer and comedian, Phill Jupitus.

Green Screen Studio.jpg

Filming the Anglo-French colour test film. 

Frame capture from the Animatic.


Frame capture from the Animatic.

1884 New York AA Compressed.jpg

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