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Music and Arts


Peculiar Pictures has promoted two concerts at London's famous Wigmore Hall for international concert pianist and Steinway Spirio artist Simon Mulligan. The first of the two concerts took the form of a tribute to one of Simon's mentors, the pianist and composer, Alexis Weissenberg. As part of the concert, Simon played Weissenberg's remarkably complex Sonate en Etat de Jazz.

We hope soon to be able to announce a new film project with Simon.


The Cricket Match III by David Inshaw.

The Secret Landscape


David Inshaw: The Badminton Game.

Directed by multi award-winning Leslie Megahey and produced by John Needham, The Secret Landscape - The Paintings of David Inshaw is currently in production. In this 60 minute documentary Leslie, one time head of the BBC's Music and Arts Department, delves into the mind of one of the country's foremost painters who came to fame in the early seveties when his painting The Badminton Game was purchased by the Tate Gallery. Inshaw talks candidly about his life and work.

David Inshaw.jpg

David Inshaw with his painting West Bay with Leaping Cat and Felix.

Passing the Time

Beckett the Younger 1 Cropped.jpg

The 60 minute documentary Passing the Time - How Samuel Beckett Waited for Godot is scheduled for production in 2023. Based on an original idea by John Needham it will be produced and directed by John Needham and Leslie Megahey. It will examine the humour in Beckett's writing, his literary influences and the inspiration he derived from his heroic wartime experiences in Nazi occupied France in the years leading up to him writing Waiting for Godot - one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century.

The documentary will be mostly filmed in and around the village of Roussillon d'Apt in Provence where Beckett spent several years of the war in hiding from the Gestapo after fleeing from Paris when the resistance cell he worked for was betrayed by a priest in the pay of the Nazis.

PIcture: Leone Connery.


John Needham and Samuel Beckett editing a series of the writer's plays at the BBCtv film studios in Ealing.                                            Picture: BBCtv.

Alan Schneider, about to direct Billie Whitelaw in Samuel Beckett's Rockaby, visits John Needham at the Omnibus office on a research trip. The story of the production was filmed by world renowned documentary filmmakers Donn Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus.

Copyright; Donn Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus

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