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About Peculiar Pictures

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French co-producers Florent Mounier and Malika Brahmi with John Needham presenting 1884: Yesterday's Future at Media Cartoon Movie in Lyon.

Peculiar Pictures was formed by John Needham in 2003 to create and develop innovative television programmes and feature films with exceptional writers and  producers. 

The company is currently developing and producing a number of  television programmes and feature films and also works as a consultant on third party projects.

Peculiar Pictures is always looking for exciting new projects but does not accept unsolicited scripts or outlines. Please be sure to contact us before sending any material.

Picture: Steam Driven Films Limited.

frontier Explosion 2.jpg


Concept art by Steve Begg

frontier is a 26-part live action sci-fi television series created and developed by Steve Begg and John Needham. The commercialisation of outer space runs amok as a newly discovered planet is recklessly plundered for the benefit of Earth's plutocrats and oligarchs. Unfortunately for them, the solar system's uninhabited newcomer chooses to fight back.

1884: Yesterday's Future is a full-length animated feature film and the brainchild of its director, Tim Ollive. The film's creative executive producer is Tim's long-time friend, mentor and boss, Terry Gilliam, who has this to say about the film, "It's an extraordinary script, the ideas are extraordinary and the design is amazing and the style is what I think is unique, with this mixture of handmade things and modern computer techniques, so it creates a texture, an ambience that is really special."

Copyright: Steam Driven Films Limited

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