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TV Series Drama and Feature Films


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frontier is a 26 x 44 min television series created by Steve Begg and John Needham. The action is set in and around a space station orbiting above a mysterious planet that has suddenly appeared at the other end of the solar system.The planet is rich in all the minerals that are becoming scarce on Earth and the race is on to plunder its riches. The space station, named Medusa, is the size of a city and services the mining operations on the planet below by providing docking and transfer facilities to support the huge space trains that take mined ore back to Earth. It caters for the workforce of many thousands with apartments, hotels, shopping malls, movie theatres and casinos.


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The story is of the commercialisation of outer space and the corporate greed and mindless violence which which accompanies it as seen through the eyes of those who are tasked with policing the whole operation. 

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Steve Begg holds his BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award aloft.   A SWAT ship in its launch bay.  A SWAT operation on the planet's surface.

Medusa Business Dome. Tx.JPG

A boardroom meeting - frontier style.

All concept art by Steve Begg.



Concept art by Steve Begg.

Timequake is a fantasy science fiction feature film for the whole family. Created by Steve Begg & John Needham and written in collaboration with Phil Ford and Paul Annett. When one of the world's richest men pours all his resources into his life-long fascination with time travel and sets out to prove his many detractors wrong, what could possibly go wrong? The answer is - almost everything.

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Steve Kyte's brilliant character desgns for Timequake. Hector, shown with an asterix, is based on an original design by Steve Begg. 


Concept art by Steve Begg.


Concept art by Steve Kyte.

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